The twin flames scam: when the new age distorts love in favor of the matrix

This article refers to the theories, observations and experiences relating to the corruption of our matrix of existence. I refer you to the various studies carried out on the subject, and for my part, to the writings of Cameron Day, which turn out to be rather complete and relevant.

Of course, the goal is not to refer to a person’s opinion but to open up to a reality different from the one instilled in us. Listen to yourselves, observe, doubt. Make your own way.

The principle of twin flames

Who has never dreamed of a perfect relationship? A unique love, eternal, indestructible and resistant to any test? The soul mate, it was very nice for a few years but today it is not enough, we need to go even further. Why settle for “karmic” compatibility when there can be more?

There are several disparate theories relating to twin flames, but all of them retain the same foundations, which I present to you in summary:

Unlike the soul mate, this principle of flames, or twin souls, connects two beings with unconditional, pure and infinite love. They respectively represent a male and female polarity and together constitute a complementary unit, a bit like Yin-Yang. One cannot exist without the other. Together, they form a complete being in every way, divine, perfect.

The twin flames are born from the same divine core and separate in order to experience the incarnation each on their own. The experience of one benefits the experience of the other and they evolve in parallel until the ultimate goal: the reunion, then the ascent in the “light” (matrix). This reunion occurs when each of the flames no longer seeks love except in itself, and each of them only needs itself to feel complete (have you noted the paradox? ). But before this beautiful promise, the divine couple will have to go through severe trials. Indeed, it generally happens that the recognition of the other does not take place simultaneously, if at all. It also happens that each does not have a living situation open to the other at the time of the meeting and very often,

Twin flames in physical incarnation can be lovers, friends, relatives or even enemies. Their relationship of purity and balance brings out the best in themselves. Also, they serve as a model of inspiration, a mirror to true love. Their symbiosis is such that they are no longer subject to the degradation of the human ego and can thus each trace their path, side by side, without the choices of one affecting the other.

To put it simply, the principle of twin flames is the divine unification of you and your other half by going through painful but exhilarating experiences beforehand, mixing hatred and love at their peak. This is the whole complex of flames, and for a tempting publicity stunt, the “new age” has hit hard.

Repatriation of lost sheep

For long centuries, religions were enough to keep the flock within the framework imposed by the false demiurgic matrix. But the more the herd grows and evolves, the more the corruption strategies put in place must adapt and take the lead. We know about wars, politics, the media and cultural conditioning […]. And yet, the more the noose tightens, the more consciousnesses wake up.

It is exactly at this level that the “new age” intervenes and its flourishing theories ready to welcome all the animals in search of new pastures. The “new age” movement acts as a safety net: controlled by the matrix, it gives the illusion to newly awakened consciousnesses of having found the path of truth which leads to the secrets of their existence. Understand that it is not important that you leave the main rank as long as you continue to follow a rank led by a shepherd.

Among all the doctrines of this movement, that of the twin flames remains undoubtedly the most infamous because it directly affects love and self-image, a sensitive chord, I dare say it, of everyone. We tell you that the dreamed and perfect being in every way awaits you at the end of the course. Your half just for you, the unique being who understands you as a person, who completes you and above all loves you like no one else will love you. And then, as this principle comes from a pseudo cosmic and universal law, it doesn’t matter whether you are groomed, neglected, fat, thin, tall, short, rich, poor, confident, introverted, intelligent or a little bit of a simpleton: this person exists. just for you and you just for her in a wonderful union of unconditional love.

Who would feel touched by such a confidence? I dare to say it again, everyone. This is why this doctrine is a weapon of choice, subtle, precise and effective. We are playing here on the greatest aspiration rooted in all of humanity. It is not a question of spiritual evolution, but of the search for a palliative, for an answer to the pains of the soul.

Besides, I searched, in vain, who was the author of this formidable artillery. It seems that this “revelation” has several undefined sources (illusion of evidence) when it is not directly about the teaching of “ascended masters”, in other words of the agents of the undercover matrix, the shepherds who repatriate lost livestock.

Detention by feelings

The objective of this doctrine is to slow you down in your awakening process, to make you stagnate at a level which remains malleable by the matrix while cradling you in sweet illusions.

Behind this strategy, there are several huge flaws that still seem to remain imperceptible.

The principle is that the common core of the twin flames collects the experiences of both parties. But she also claims that the level is not necessarily similar from one party to the other, depending on their own experience, and that it usually happens that one is ahead and is therefore ready for recognition before the other. Strange. In my opinion, when you pour everything into the same bowl, it gets mixed up. I wonder how learning from each can be beneficial to both but on a different level. Are we talking about a nucleus split into exact halves?

So be it, this point is the most related difficulty in the testimonies of meeting between flames. Such a confrontation between two people who only recognize each other in a one-sided sense inevitably leads to an obstacle to their social relationship; mutual incomprehension, bad interpretations, divergent desires and objectives… The explosive cocktail to lead to a negative relationship crammed with frustrations which will automatically lead to the anger and rejection of each one. Another recurring difficulty, when recognition seems to work both ways this time around, is the life situation of the partners. One is married, one is an unlikely figure (colleague, boss, teacher, delinquent, sick, dead …), one lives at the other end of the earth, the two are just friends and must come to terms with that supreme bond… No matter your intentions or the presumed nature of your relationship, the patterns have no limits. In short, this is still enough to sow obstacles and we can easily guess the consequences.

There is also the version according to which the elect hate each other copiously. So I let you visualize the worst person that you cannot even see in painting and project each other into divine and eternal fusion. It is desirable, no ? Your mutual hatred would flow directly, in reality, from your deep and unconditional love, from the image that you send to each other. Rather inspiring.

These dissonances between the two halves, supposed to come from the same divine core and to share, beyond these trials, an unconditional love remain the most edifying example of all the scam represented by the twin flames. They want you to believe that these are necessary preliminaries to your divine reunion and the confidence you place in your feelings prevents you from realizing that it is in fact a logical continuation of your attitude; when you project onto someone – anyone – something that they are not able to give or understand to you, there is no way that relationship can evolve into a truly healthy understanding.

I’ll save the irony of this for dessert. Let’s admit, despite all the pitfalls encountered, you and your so-called divine half breathe ecstasy. Best of all, your relationship was natural and in all its beauty, you encountered little or no difficulty. Well, if you are looking for advice you will be told that you are not twin flames. Soul mates in a pinch (so low end, don’t get confused) or two people who love each other but sacrilegious, not flames. You will be told that the ease with which you have passed through the trials is not worthy of the meeting of the flames which, for its part, borders on the impossible. And here you are again stuck in your “new age” ascension process. If I allow myself to state such a thing, it is because I have read it several times, yes. At this stage,

Finally, the icing on the cake, let’s admit that all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds. You have found your divine half. The community approves and congratulates you on your link. Your surroundings are in perfect harmony, no clouds on the horizon. But then after a while, you feel your feelings diminish until they disappear. You are no longer in love, your relationship no longer brings you any satisfaction. If your love is a friend or relative, your understanding is tarnished by the years. Hey heck, everyone was wrong, you weren’t the divine couple. And then there’s your colleague you’ve been eyeing for some time. You understand each other with your eyes closed, your understanding seems magical. Your heart is beating like never before. Hey hop, we start again.

In short, love at first sight, an extraordinary friendship, a great attraction towards a person from whom everything seems to distance you or simply the rejection of the other… and you should recognize there, in theory, your twin flame. Lambda scenario that a good number of humans live several times during their life as just as many traps which await only their credulity.

By the way, I struggle to integrate the fact that suffering can go hand in hand with unconditional love, Love. Just like that, at first glance, it seems to me contrary to its very concept. And it just is! Moreover, the fact of polarizing a being, or of s*xing it in its essence, is contrary not only to its original free will, but also to the metaphysical rules. The other planes of life or consciousness do not function according to a biological and human schematization, but the brain, conditioned, will bring you back very often.

What I am trying to demonstrate is none other than the radical emptiness of this doctrine. The Matrix will always find a way to challenge you so that you remain in perpetual search for that divine half that just doesn’t exist, at least not that way. As long as you stagnate, you no longer risk getting your hands on files that would undermine the credibility of the matrix.

For the benefit of a potential divine reunion, it is your awakening that you leave aside (and not the so-called ascension, matrix subterfuge), your evolution, your progress and your freedom to YOU ​​and you alone. You as an individual and unique person, you stagnate in the expectation of an illusion. Ultimately, it is about making you believe in a form of individuality dependent on another individuality. This brings you to the end point of this scam, the confusion, or how to deeply confuse yourself using your own feelings in a repetitive and contradictory pattern at will.

I admit that I am in awe of this extremely vicious ingenious ploy.

The true face of the twin flame

Yet, there is someone who, beyond your appearance or your situation, is willing to Unconditionally Love you in a unique way and be One with you for all eternity.

That person is you. You alone.

The principle of twin flames is to duplicate this face, yours, on another soul. It is all about mixing your perceptions of individuality and dependency. It is to indirectly distance yourself from yourself. Why do you think it’s so hard to love yourself when it’s so easy to doubt yourself? The daily conditions you thus in order to disorganize your conception of Love, which connects you to your true essence.

Twin flames are not the only doctrine meant to confuse your perceptions. As long as you continue to look outside of yourself for answers and expect another person to meet your needs, you will continue to fuel the patterns in the matrix.

If you manage to transcend these invisible barriers and come back to yourself, in all the Love and compassion you deserve for yourselves, then you will understand that no one else is essential to your existence and well-being. . Your relationships will become fluid, without expectations, and you will find that it is possible to unite in unconditional Love with any soul with respect for the other and respect for oneself. A fusion that will result from your mutual choice as a being endowed with free will.

Shaer Ama