The woman who gives without counting

All women have an archetype of the “Helpful Woman” , “Savior Woman” , who gives without counting.

When she falls into this pattern, she thinks that if everyone around her is happy, she can be!

It’s like a programming that makes her responsible for the well-being of others.

The woman can go so far in this need to give joy, security, the answer to the problems of others that she fades little by little.

Transparent to herself, she becomes the ghost woman .

When everything turns outward, its interior becomes an arid desert in which nothing can grow or grow.

She becomes an empty shell. His dreams, his needs, his joys, his successes have no place. Because everything is mobilized towards those of others.

Until the day when the breaking point, his tired body gives way, an external event sweeps his life away. A drama that in fact will save her.

This forced break will allow him to gather his eager shares of his love, of his attention to begin to be reborn.

I have long researched the cause, the origin that pushes women to forget themselves for the benefit of others.

There is an upbringing, a tradition with the model of the perfect wife and mother.

But when you dig a little deeper, you discover a fear.

It is not an emptiness but a full of doubts that lurks in the depths.

  • Who am I to receive instead of others?
  • Am I worthy, legitimate to think of myself, to take care of myself?
  • Do I deserve to receive love, attention, security?

It is easier to give than to receive.

Because when we give, we control what we give. But when I receive, what should I do in return? Am I indebted?

Another trap that can prevent a woman from receiving is the belief that she is useful when she gives, offers to others.

It becomes the one necessary for well-being. She hides her fears of not being nice for who she is.

I am loved for what I bring rather than for who I am . »

Subconsciously, when “ I give, I value myself . »

If the woman continues to give without receiving, she will become the ghost woman.

Ghost to herself, to her body, to her life, to her creations, to her being.

To leave the trap, the woman must discover the real reasons that push her to give so much and transform this compulsive need to become again a Living Woman who receives abundance in all its forms and can then share them without becoming impoverished.