There is something even better than love: complicity

We all longed to find someone with whom our demons would get along perfectly with his , someone who would have the key to all our locks, with whom we would feel so secure that we would open all our doors to him without fear, with who our true “us” would come out and with whom we could be ourselves …

It is even better than love, because each one discovers a part of the other, without having to weigh his words and with the need to live a life under the sign of permanence.

We feel the complicity towards people to whom we are attached so as not to let the present escape us, while thinking of all that awaits us afterwards.

I’m talking about those people who are always there for us and to whom we can always turn, those who comfort us by hugging us and who give us reasons and the strength to face day after day and live our life. life.

These people make us breathe and smile stupidly as we remember how we got here.

The body language of complicity

There are looks that say it all. What we call complicity is this special union that surpasses love, that invades us and that we understand. To love is not only to love, it is also and above all to understand everything.

For there to be complicity, there must be no secrets in the looks, in the gestures and in the hugs. These are the people who know that even if we tell them everything is fine, it is not.

Indeed, they probably don’t even need to look at us or listen to us speak. They are not diviners, but they understand us beyond mirages and appearances.

The air you breathe is enough to know that the connection is pure fantasy, and that it goes far beyond a sincere smile and a wise gaze.

Between two accomplices, an atmosphere is created which transforms into a kind of emotional prophecy that links feelings and hearts.

A home in which souls fly

People think a soul mate is their perfect match, and everyone is chasing after them. In fact, the real soul mate is a mirror, it is the person who shows you everything that gets in your way, who brings you to contemplate yourself so that you can change things in your life. .

A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they knock down your walls and wake you up with a slap.

– Eat, pray, love (Elizabeth Gilbert) –

A soul mate is someone who makes you laugh and smile without needing to say anything. He is a person who has never given up on you, who does not brag about what you are successful in in life and who you are.

She also isn’t shy about telling you what she’s thinking or letting you know if you’re wrong.

This is not to say that there are no misunderstandings or arguments, for even complicit conflict can tear down our walls of support.

It only happens when that person is questioning you and is not silently in your life. It is about a person who marks a front and who floods every moment of tenderness.

Complicity allows us to accept without demands, without over-attachments, without the need to change our essence or to respond to infantile or extreme needs.

Complicity is built from vibrations that complement each other to perfection , in the same way that a shared secret winks at the unconditionality of the soul.

Source: Nos Pensé