These 4 warning signs indicate that your partner is likely to leave you for someone else

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Being in a loving relationship with someone is something quite special. It means you can enjoy the best of this life with someone you love, appreciate and want to live ’till death do us part’. However, some stones can arise in the middle of the road and cause the relationship to cool down and reach the end of the line.

There are numerous reasons why a relationship has come to this point. One of them could be, for example, the fact that your partner is starting to like someone else. He may be planning to dump you for her and is just waiting for the right time to do so.

So, how about being aware of some signs that he may already be showing to stay alert and be the person to break up with him? Check out the following 4, taken from the Nueva Mujer portal (text in Spanish):

1. He doesn’t date you anymore

If you ask your boyfriend out with you, your family or your friends, and you always get answers like ‘no’ or ‘let me think’ and then excuses not to, most likely he has someone else and already has plans with her. So if this is happening too often you should turn on all the alarms.

2. He makes excuses for not answering you or replying to your messages

If your partner always makes excuses for not answering your calls or returning your messages, he most likely has someone else and is already thinking of a way to leave you, but still doesn’t know how to do it. So be aware if these situations happen constantly and ask for explanations, so that he is honest once and for all.

3. He no longer posts pictures of you on social media

If your partner, who has always been posting pictures of the two of you together on social media, suddenly stops doing this for no reason, he is probably with someone else and doesn’t want them to see him with you.

4. It starts to have a different perfume smell

This is one of the signs you should be on the alert for the most. If your boyfriend smells different, like a woman’s perfume, and you know it’s not hers or his mother’s, for example, it’s because he might have another one and he’s been with her a lot.