This Is The Kind Of Love Everyone Deserves

You deserve someone who responds to your messages. Someone who wants you, only you, and makes you feel like he/she wants you.

Someone who can’t help but message you waking up in the morning to sunlight slowly streaming through the curtain.

Someone who wants to spend their Friday evenings having a drink with you, but also their Sundays doing nothing. Someone who holds their umbrella a person right above you when it’s raining, so you’re sheltered. You deserve someone who thinks of you often.

Someone who calls you on the phone at the end of a long day because he/she wants to hear the sound of your voice before going to sleep.

Someone planning something with you on a Tuesday night because the weekend is too far away, it doesn’t matter if he/she has to go to work the next day.

Someone who says yes, no maybe, and follows. You deserve to hear a song on the radio that makes you melt inside just the thought of that person.

Someone who could watch you sleep for hours and be perfectly content with the grace and stillness of that moment.

Someone who eats pizza with you in bed, and doesn’t judge sweatpants that make you look sporty.

Someone who never left you when you were going through a rough patch. Someone who never left you when your relationship wasn’t at its best.

Someone who has never left you despite many temptations. You deserve someone who doesn’t leave you when things get a little less exciting, when your life goes through a big change, when you’re tired, when you are lost or confused and don’t know what to do or when you doubt yourself and your abilities.

You deserve someone who constantly challenges you.

Someone who makes you want to improve every day, because he/she tries to be better too.

Someone who chooses to uplift you, always. You deserve the magic, the fireworks and the confetti cannons exploding in your blue sky. You deserve someone who will always take care of your heart, because he/she knows how fragile it was before having it.

Someone who shares your pain when you suffer.

Someone who wakes up next to you every day, feeling like they’ve hit the jackpot, and feels very lucky to have you by their side. You deserve someone’s attention.

Someone who looks at you, and I mean really sees you, and all the beauty that’s in you. You deserve to be someone’s first choice. Someone’s best friend.

To share complicity with someone. To represent everything for one person. You deserve to be loved, and to be loved in an extraordinary way.

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