Those couples who are happy without children

Statistics for 2018 show that the birth rate is falling in France . Journalists and statisticians talk about changing economic conditions or couples that form later after longer studies.

Also, instead of having several children, they stop at a single child. And this baby deficit is not unique to France because other countries in the world are also having fewer children.

One of the countries with the most glaring birth deficit is undoubtedly Japan. The law of the group comes first with people who work a lot while following traditions very present since unmarried couples traditionally do not have babies.

Yet there is another category of people, couples who decide not to have babies and yet seem happy. So why? And are they really happy? Small sociological survey.

An increasing level of education

You just have to look at the map of the most educated countries to see that overall it corresponds to the country which has the fewest children.

It must be said that long studies take time and more time and then in many countries you have to work hard to find a job and sometimes even repay your student credit. Because although many countries have a free education system, it must be understood that in many parts of the world, studies have to be paid for and then you have to reimburse all this money which is just as much less for a child. Also, the cost of living is clearly a barrier to procreation.

And the more the level of education increases, the more awareness of the importance of contraception increases, which does not help matters.

Couples who make and break

While religion is in decline in the West, there are still so many women who want to know their future in love. They consult the love tarot or astrology to know their sentimental future while deserting the churches.

At the same time, however, we try to understand it ourselves. By clairvoyance, as we have just seen, but also by spirituality or the search for happiness.

Also health, personal development but also ecology take more and more place in our lives. As we can see here, it is clear that many of us are looking for answers not about the mystery of the creation of the universe but answers about ourselves.

And love in all this?

It is this quest for happiness that pushes some couples not to have children. It may sound selfish and it is interesting to note that they are mistaken for aliens.

We ask them all the time: “When will the baby be?” “.

As if happiness was not possible without children, as if those who do not have children cannot have them and must be unhappy.

Yet there are people who have a dream life without having children.

These couples who are doing well without children

They exist. They don’t have to be hippies or dog punks, on the contrary. They are most often people who have a certain purchasing power, they are a good level of education. Some work a lot.

There is of course this realization that there are too many people on earth but most of the time people who do not have babies are people who love each other above all!

Yes, it is often love and a certain selfishness that push couples not to have children and that is what bothers others so much.

Because when we see that people who have no children travel, enjoy life, even take the time to meditate there or others caught in traffic jams and by work must then take care of their children like of a burden then necessarily that creates jealousy.

And then there is this biological clock which rings in all these women who ask tarot cards if they are going to get pregnant in the year. As if they had a fear of not making it. They feverishly await the answer of the cards or of their clairvoyant. getting pregnant then becomes a source of stress.

Except in a society which seeks well-being more and more, stress is fled like the plague and some couples then choose hedonism.

At that moment the stress is over, they live for themselves, among themselves. Most of the time these couples are accomplices , fusional, they do everything together and we envy them. Those there do not need to consult clairvoyance because they have confidence in life. Besides, we could even do a full article on why some people consult the tarot? We would undoubtedly find a lot of stressed people and people who are afraid of the future and little of these couples we are talking about here. Because ultimately a couple who has no children is a couple who do not really believe in humanity, in the bright future of the Earth but who believe in the beauty of life together.

Because couples who do not have children by choice ultimately make that of happiness and that is what is beautiful.