To be happy in love: is it a utopia today?

Was it really easier to find Love or to avoid a divorce in the days of our parents? This is the question everyone is asking! Do you have the impression that all the couples are crumbling around you? That you will never be able to seduce a person who attracts you and to be happy in Love? You constantly wonder how to take charge of your love life. You are not the only person asking yourself these questions.

The observation can be scary. In France there are more than 10 million people who live alone and the divorce figures are shivering. However, it is perfectly possible to be happy as a couple. You just have to take your desires into account and do everything to make them come true. I’m not talking about the love of rose water comedies but the love that you are really waiting for, that you may have already known but would like to relive again.

In this article, I am helping you to be happy in Love by remaining yourself. It may seem simple but it is a luxury in our society today. It is therefore an opportunity that you must seize to finally live the relationship that you dreamed of so much.

What if Love wasn’t so simple?

It is true that by nature we think that love is a simple and instinctive discipline. And yet, loving a person is learned  in the same way as cycling or reading. You have gone through many failures in your life in general to develop your skills in all areas, it is the same with Love. Over the course of your life, failures, moments of happiness, you have built yourself sentimentally. You have become the person you are. Romantic, shy, sensitive or the type not to get attached, little by little you are building yourself.

If Love is the most extraordinary of feelings, it is also the most complex. You will have to study the communication, the behavior of the opposite s*x if you want to find the partner of your dreams. You should know that a restaurant or a cinema are not enough to create a relationship or to know love. No, it’s a much more complex feeling. It is about the meeting, the mixture between two universes, yours and that of the one who shares your life. However, the latter may not be simple which can create certain problems in the different love stories that you may know.

Happiness is what we determine!

Many people have a preconceived idea of ​​love. It must be said that the media, the cinema and perhaps even those around you have not helped you define your own expectations. You have a truncated vision of the couple or at least it is not the one that really corresponds to your expectations. You want to fit in, give the image everyone expects even if it’s not the best for you and your other half.

It is essential to define your own vision of love if you want to be happy. Many of you wonder if happiness in love really exists, if fairy tales only belong to cartoons, if love at first sight is not just an illusion. Know that you are the only one able to answer this question, it is up to you to make the effort to know what you want to experience!

Yes, sentimental happiness exists, thousands of people manage to experience it and flourish in their relationship and this for years. I’m not talking about previous generations, our parents, our grandparents, no I’m talking about people who have been in a relationship for 1 year, 5 years or even 15 years!

It is important to remember this because many people allow themselves to be influenced, as I told you previously, by external elements. The one that is one of the most powerful is love disappointment or rather the fact of seeing breakups influence your relationship. Some of your acquaintances have split up and as a result you imagine the worst for your relationship. But do not copy negative love stories on your relationship, it’s up to you to define how you imagine your relationship.

Be happy in love by finding the right person

I don’t want to exclude single people, but to be happy in love it is obviously necessary to find someone good. Indeed, it is together that you must build this happiness. You will share your lives, get to know each other, and your expectations may even change depending on the meeting you are going to have.

Indeed, love can be a very powerful feeling and if you are led to find the man or the woman of your life, you will probably not have the same vision of things anymore. You are going to make sacrifices, concessions, on both sides. I said before that the life of a couple was the mixture of two worlds, this example sums up the situation well! Happiness as a couple is precisely the fact of finding the right balance between your needs and those of your partner.

Some of you may find it difficult to meet people and therefore build that couple they dream of. Now, there is a tool that can overcome these difficulties, you are currently using it while reading this article, I am obviously talking about the internet! The development of dating sites has totally changed the way of seducing. Nowadays, we all have someone around us who has made a meeting via the net. It may be your turn now! Whether you are a man or a woman, you can now register on a site and learn to flirt on the internet, alone or with the help of a coach !