To you Men of heart I write to you

I am writing to you because my heart has been full of words for you for several weeks.

The message of I don’t know where has arrived and it is time to deliver it to you in all simplicity and humility.

These words for you becauseā€¦.

  • Because you are on the way just like us women.
  • Because you are always hearts and courages.
  • Because you are in love.
  • Because you are love.
  • Because the universe heard you in your silence.
  • Because you are ready to listen.

These are words about You, about all these beautiful encounters of men who are working on the path of love and who are ready today to live their hearts to the full.

To you men of heart,

Who are you ?

Dare I ask you what soul lives in you?

It is this meeting with your heart, your body and your soul that presents itself to you today and that I celebrate. Because yes there are men of heart, wild men, sensitive men, men of light who hear their song from the heart, the song of women, the song of children, the song of the moon, of nature, of life.

Men who make love to love . Men watching the flow of love.

Yes you are walking in a different light than in the past. It is that of the New Time of Love.

A time when I hear the sound coming out of your belly, your belly of emotions, your belly of vibrations. The belly of life. Because if you do not carry life, you feel it within you when the child moves, when the earth wakes up and you accompany us women on this path from birth to another, the birth of the child, the birth of our child, the birth of life.


Yes you feel your heart, the one that makes you breathe at dawn and close your eyes to the silence of your love.

The one who makes you hear both the trembling of love, the cry of lost women, the one who makes you hear the suffering of children, the one who finally makes you hear that harmony is created together and not alone against us .

A new day dawns in front of you. A new night is created within you.

Close your eyes and feel this awakening caress of life. The one that transforms you, the one that makes you embrace the woman in the embrace of love.

At dawn, you delicately become the wild bird in your grandeur, in your vulnerability linked to the wind, in your total freedom. The bird of a new story that you are going to create and offer to us.

You men of heart, your wings are ready to take to the skies.

You have wings large enough to envelop the breath of life, to envelop women, men and children so that together we walk the path of life.

You have those wings of protector it is true. Because you’ve always been given them that way. And you managed to do what you were asked to do.

You envelop us when we are cold, when we no longer know, when we are afraid. It’s stronger than you, your wings look like enveloping caresses of love against all odds. And I feel this thrill of this caress in the wind. We feel this passage.

But then why this courage to you? Why do you sometimes seem tired being a warrior?

Because your heart was born to love the strongest. That’s how you were raised.

What if now we stop for a few moments and take this time for the two of us.

That we took this time so that in my turn I would hug you and that my wings of courage also go around your body.

And if we closed our eyes together and breathed that same air, then I would tell you to let go and let your back slide over me, over my chest.

What if I also told you that this courage is not just yours.

That there is a common story from elsewhere and that the woman feels initiated to walk by your side. Courage is a connection to the heart and every man and woman bears this responsibility and holds hands.

And if now we let you evolve, walk, fly in your fragility but also, in your softness, in your beauty, in your truth where you finally abandon your wings in their most beautiful span to WELCOME the force of the wind and the whirling created by the mountains without any fear.

So you find your arms enveloping love when you make love.

Making love when you’re a man of heart is like illuminating the dirt road with little beams of moonlight.

You enter the night of mysteries with the woman and you gently bring the light to make love a discovery of each moment.

To make love as a man of heart is to be in contact with the moon in the sky and the inner rose of the woman.

To see the moonbeam enter the inner rose of the woman. This ray of the moon which is in your soul and which leads you to feel your most beautiful masculine mixed with the feminine to make an intimate caress, to make the love encounter a music of the bodies, a birth to conscious sensuality.

You the man of heart who will come into the woman and will hear all that she could never say. Everything that inside the woman receives, keep while you withdraw. But you, the man of the heart, you will know how to kiss it like the beginning of a new time, you will know how to bring the tenderness of a hand when everything is warm and alone at the end.

You the man of heart you will forget the appearances and return to the essence of the beating of the hearts at the beginning of a loving embrace .

And if we come back to these wings.

These wings of courage, they were not given to you to hide everything, to take everything under your thumb, or to fly far but quite simply they are wings to be together: You the man of heart with the woman of heart. It’s to be sufficiently protected together, to keep warm and look at freedom from a different perspective: together. Yes fly, fly away. The theft of our freedom. It’s being able to leave when you can’t take it anymore, it’s being able to tell yourself that together it’s better to connect our wings because we would go faster.

And finally work in the sky of possibilities and see in the clouds what love is between a man and a woman.

You are birds of the time of love.

The drawing in the clouds will dance you the way of love according to these movements and these cottons of silk. You will then take the time to contemplate.

Big wings that were put on you by sometimes telling you not to cry when you were little, by telling you that you will be a man and that you will be the strongest, but above all not to look in the mirror when your tears are flowing, and not to put on that lipstick because it’s for girls.

But your rosy lips of love know how to become delicate, creative and gentle to taste your tears and our tears, to taste the bodies, to send kisses to the sky.

Tears of water. Your tears of water, my tears of water.

Our tears taste the same.

And if I look at your body and mine then it seems that we can create our most beautiful union like the most golden alchemy there is.

The Transformative Relationship with you and me, between you and me.

A sensitive, sensual union, conscious of times, pains, joys, questionings, certainties and confident in the universe which attracts us to each other and which puts us from the beginning on the same path to accomplish love.

Our eyes crossed and borrowed from tenderness, from discovery.

Then to the flower of our skins, of our different bodies in places.

Our bodies bloomed and sensitive then to caresses, to love.

And then our tears will slip, tears of love to finally meet again, dear man of heart.

Between grief and stage of life, we can listen to each other and get along together.

Because yes you men of heart you finally hear these tears without even seeing them because men of heart feel deep inside them the silence of the sadness of men and women who no longer know, who no longer hear the sound of the waves of the heart.

You can hear some mornings some crying. You also happen to caress the bodies during the nights.

You love in your life many times. You undoubtedly know how to welcome everyone’s tears and sensuality and then you know how to tell them that grief is a bit like the passage of love in itself, that the love of abandoned bodies is the world of tomorrow.

You know how to collect in a small mulier the fish lost in women’s tears, then you know how to put them in the hollow of the sheets and cover us to make love to each other.

So that we make love together without being afraid to remove the secret , crumpled veils.

I see transformation happening in men of heart and women initiators. I see the word between them in loving confidence.

I see the creation of a silence that becomes the echo where everyone creates their love story for themselves, for others and for everyone.

An echo that will Make love to love, enter love in love, look at love in love and ultimately love love.

You men of heart, lonely, silent savages, friends, fathers, lovers, creators, musicians, dancers, you feel the warmth of the sun on your skin again, you feel the moonlit night and you caress the lost waters of tears on our cheeks.

Men of heart and women of heart let us work for the Relationship, for our relationship.

A relation of the senses, a relation of awakening, a relation of love.

To you men of heart, I imagine that you had to lift the stone to build your body, you certainly had to be silent at times and turn off your heart, this emotional center if not to say. And your belly then disappeared.

You had to do and travel so much to finally reach us.

But I hear you Men of heart, we have heard you say, shout and cry sometimes.

To you men of heart who welcome love, love in the singular, love in the plural, love in everything, in them, in them.

To you men of heart, I see you going down the path, belly in the wind, soft arms, tender neck and gaze directed towards the shadows and the lights.

I look at you with so much tenderness because you know how to feel the body and the heart of the woman, the man, the child in its most beautiful work.

I see your love falling into place. I see your desire changing and welcoming the female and male temples into such beautiful reciprocity.

Some women will then be guides, initiators and will make you love your soul.

To you men of heart, be free to transform your steps by walking together side by side, by embracing yourselves as man to man and by uniting with women.

Your steps to the rhythm of the earth will then advance.

This rhythm of the earth that you wake up with your dancing step.

You have awakened the source of men of heart which is at the edge of the moon.

This source has heard you all arrive together, hand in hand, torch of fire facing the sky.

The source heard the women’s breath pushing you so hard towards the moonlight.


Then when you arrive near the source of the moon, know it, it will transmit to you the drum of love, the one that will make your heart vibrate.

So dear men of heart, dare belly breathing, dare the dancing pool, the one that poses the truth at all times. Dare the animal to be able to blow you the magic of bodies, the magic of new intentions for love.

To you men of heart, I dare to dance to the rhythm of your drums, of your bodies which lead us into this movement.

men of heart

I hear the caress of your beating heart.

And I sneak in the breath of the wind to walk with you looking at you happy with this path finally for US.

And know that we are many women waiting for you, finally, men of heart.