Twilight love: mature loves that come at the right time

Have you ever thought about twilight love? We would like to explain to you what it is, and why it is so beautiful and attractive, since twilight love assumes tenderness that comes at the right time .

In fact, very often, in the past, we have been able to experience a love that arrived too soon.

Love rarely warns when it arrives, it has no stamp, there are no invitations, and neither is it accompanied by a court that can allow us to see it from afar.

How we accept and live love is up to us. However, there are times in life when it seems that love has chosen the perfect moment to show up; that love is twilight love.

What is twilight love?

It is said that certain loves kill… but this is not the case with twilight love, which translates into this peaceful feeling, of tenderness and understanding, which comes at exactly the right time.

It is a set of experiences thanks to which we have been able to determine what we no longer want, and what our heart craves with ardor.

When our heart is hurt with passion and scalded with suffering from past experiences, there comes a time when it needs calm and rest.

This is when the perfect opportunity arises for twilight love to fill your soul with pleasure.

Twilight love is a calm and rested love, it is a feeling of union between two people that has nothing to do with the rigor, the haste or the exaggeration of past relationships.

Twilight love is nourished by lived experiences. There comes a time when you know exactly what you want. Suddenly, we know how to determine what we no longer want, because we have learned from the experiences we have had, be they good or bad.

It is from there that this deep knowledge of ourselves and our feelings arises which, when shared with the right person, results in an explosion of quiet and beautiful passion.

The loves of today and always

We all know that over time we experience a tremendous amount of emotions and feelings related to love. From our youth, we begin to feel a strong and pulsating heart, which needs strong emotions.

Already during youth, and more particularly adolescence, an unbridled passion awakens in our heart which leads us to live intensely all the emotions of the soul, so much so that we can also suffer when the loved one is is not by our side.

The first love is a fire, a frenzy, a pure ardor without borders.

“If passion and madness did not sometimes pass through our souls … Then what would life be worth?”

-Jacinto Benavente-

Then come other relationships that bring together experience and discovery.

Youthful loves that already have some content cannot yet be considered crepuscular, since they maintain a certain tone of adolescent immaturity and constant back and forth.

Finally, after a long process of pain, suffering, pleasure and dialogue, comes the moment of twilight love.

The heart has gone through so many love stories that it needs this well-deserved rest from the warrior, because he knows himself well, he has accumulated a great deal of experience and he knows the souls around him well as well.

Twilight love in the cinema

The cinema gave beautiful displays of twilight love. Unforgettable stories that are anchored in the retina of the collective imagination.

Who has never vibrated with the wonderful adventure of Katharine Hepburn and Henry Fonda in La Maison du lac ?

However, if we speak of emotions on edge and love on the verge of twilight, we cannot fail to quote the absorbing story that Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep lived in On the road to Madison .

The twilight passion of two people who discover that they still have a heart beating in their chest.

There are still many examples all as nostalgic as each other; Bill Murray who finds passion in Lost in Translation , Shirley MacLaine who also finds it with an old astronaut played by Jack Nicholson in Tendres Passions, or Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn in The Rose and the Arrow .

The beauty of twilight love

When twilight love arrives, you stop being a slave to your passions. At this point, everything seems much simpler.

A separation from the loved one in youth seems to tear your soul apart, but with the wisdom and patience that the experience gives you will be able to integrate a love story much better.

“All passions are good if we master them, and all are bad if they make us slaves.”

-Jean-Jacques Rousseau-

All the experiences you have had, whether painful or not, will teach you to appreciate this person who is by your side.

At the same time, find the understanding you need in your relationship, and enjoy this wonderful conjunction and this unique and splendid communication that is woven between you and each other.

However, don’t forget that twilight love is reciprocal. It wouldn’t happen to you if you didn’t really want it, or if you weren’t prepared for it.

He would not be present if you did not understand him and if you did not complete yourself with your companion. Experience and calm are healing virtues for the heart.