Walk towards unconditional love


Let go of old packaging

From childhood until today you have integrated beliefs, norms, behaviors and attitudes shared by all. This body of ways of being is like conditioning. Some of these conditionings, such as always thinking or constantly focusing on the negative, are very confining and limiting.

To get out of your old packaging you have to start by identifying them; the easiest way is to write down your operating habits.

Conditioning goes through education, the transmission of social norms and values. Obviously the conditioning that you have undergone is unconscious and socio-cultural.

Here are some very common packaging in the West:

We always focus on the negative, on what is wrong, rather than focusing on the positive.

The old matrix, which has been in place for centuries, works by keeping you in fear. Fear is the attribute of the old matrix; it keeps you doing it, in an ideal of performance as well as in a mode of operation based on competition and comparison with other humans.

Fear of not being able to meet your material needs, fear of losing your job or not finding one again, fear of being abandoned, rejected or not being loved, all fears are conditions that keep you in doing it more and more and cut you off from being. ..

Be the best version of yourself

You are all formatted to live looking to the past or to the future. This conditioning prevents you from living the present moment.

If you are constantly looking to the past, you will be rather nostalgic and anxious, whereas people who are constantly projecting themselves into the future are anxious that their wishes will not come true.

To tackle this conditioning is to build the certainty that the past is a space of reference, the present a place of existence and that the future does not yet exist.

From an early age, the educational system leads you to empower your mind and your ego. Later on as an individual that you are, think constantly, are often overwhelmed by their thoughts and overwhelmed emotionally.

To strive to put this conditioning at a distance is to put the mind and the ego in their rightful place: they are only tools, good tools, nothing else.

You are conditioned to constantly compare yourself to others, the judgment of others or the judgment that you pass on others, often becomes confining; they eat away at your confidence and do not allow you to express the best version of yourself.

The vibration of unconditional love

Albert Einstein is one of the first to demonstrate that matter vibrates.

Matter is made up of atoms. Atoms have a nucleus around which electrons rotate. All of this is in constant motion, vibrates.

Each thing vibrates at a certain frequency, each matter has its own vibratory rate.

You are matter and each of you has your own vibratory rate.

The more you are in fear, anxiety and stress, the more your vibratory rate decreases.The more you settle in inner peace, love and well-being, the more your vibratory frequency rises.

When you take care of your vibrations, your vibratory rate goes up, self-confidence and self-esteem grows.

The vibratory rate is measured in UB (bovis unit) on a scale, the Bovis biometer ranging from 0 to 120,000 UB This measurement scale was proposed by Alfred Bovis, Energéticien, autodidact, at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Using a pendulum, the biometer makes it possible to measure the vibratory rate of a person but also of a place and the food that you eat.

The average vibration rate of a healthy human is close to 7000 BU.

Below 4000 BU the health and integrity of the person is seriously threatened and from 12000 BU the individual enters a path of personal and spiritual development which leads to self-realization.

Before they meet, the two magnets are already at high vibratory rates, over 10,000UB. Their meeting is authorized by these high vibratory frequencies. Indeed, the more your vibratory rate rises, the more you attract what you vibrate. The meeting between the two magnets then the exchanges that follow will promote the rise in vibrations of each of the two magnets but also of the relationship itself.

What you vibrate attracts you, is one of the properties of your vibratory rate; it is inseparable from intention.

What you vibrate comes true.

If your vibratory rate is low, if you vibrate in fear and anxiety, the events that will present themselves to you will keep you in this state of fear, anxiety and suffering.

On the other hand, if you register in the high vibrations of love, gratitude, if you take care of your vibratory rate then you attract to yourself happy events which will fill you with joy This is the basis of the laws of attraction and the law of abundance operating in the new matrix. This law of attraction is commonly called the law of series.

If you want to attract abundance to yourself, you must forget about lack and welcome with gratitude the events that come your way. To get into abundance you need to focus on the positive in everything life has to offer.

Each meeting is a new discovery. See the beauty of things. Marvel at everything and you will step into material, emotional and spiritual abundance.

The question asked is: how to increase your vibratory rate?

Overall we could answer that you have to take care of yourself as if you were your own father.

Concretely, it is more a daily maintenance rather than an action to be carried out.

Several avenues are available to you: adopt daily purification and energetic cleansing rituals: white sage, incense, candle, coarse salt and water memory are at your disposal for this.

Avoid all toxic substances: drugs, tobacco, alcohol but also all chemicals; they lower your vibrations.

Vegetable and raw food increases your vibratory rate.

In particular, edible wild plants are loaded with high vibrations.

All bodily activities, especially those that you can do in nature, allow you to raise your vibrations.

All the work on what you call chakras, you register in a rise in vibrations.

As your vibrational rate increases, your awareness unfolds, you step into self-realization as well as the energy of unconditional love.

This energy was used by ancient civilizations including the Atlanteans.

Rediscovered at the beginning of the twentieth century by Nicolas Tesla, it is called by your scientists tachyon energy or even free energy , it has several very interesting properties.

The first of these is to be available, abundant. The second of these is that its two polarities, positive and negative, neutralize each other when they meet.

When the polarities are neutralized and if the energy is channeled, the mass loses its weight. In this way the builders built very large buildings, especially the pyramids. They are tachyon energy generators.

The human brain has a certain vibratory frequency that can capture and radiate this energy. This becomes a catalyst for this energy available everywhere in the universe.

In the universe this energy is deployed by following geometric shapes that your initiates call flower of life. These shapes are in the proportions of the Golden Ratio. They have always been used in nature and in sacred architecture.

The two polarities of this energy are embodied in your being in Yin energy and Yang energy.

The first step is to unify these two polarities within you. This can happen unintentionally, it is called an accident of awakening or become a permanent state thanks to the work on you.

This first step carried out you go up in vibratory frequency, you enter the Being, your mind and your ego are put back in their right place, that of tools.

You meet your twin flame inside of you.

The second step is the physical meeting of the two magnets. This is the stage of love and outward unification. That of the meeting of two unified energies.