Woman standing with broken heart

We love each other but we leave each other, how to explain it?

Not all breakups are due to a drop in feelings. Routine, infidelity or lack of communication are not the only factors that can push to end his love affair. Unfortunately, in some situations, the breakup is reluctantly. Whether it is with you or with your ex the feelings are intact but for one reason or another, you have to leave each other.

No separation is made for pleasure but this one is particularly difficult to accept given that the feelings are reciprocal and that the desire to break up the couple is not present in either of the two partners. Yet the observation is clear, your story is not moving forward. But then why decide to break up? What can explain the fact of leaving each other when we love each other? Indeed, for all those who browse this website, follow my conferences to find love, it is unthinkable to act in this way.

But they are not in your place and do not know what you feel, what you can experience on a daily basis. There are several explanations that can “justify” this decision. “We love each other but we leave each other” you can imagine that as a love coach hearing this sentence is heartbreaking and that is why some more complete explanations are in order!

“We love each other but we leave each other”, why?

Most people don’t understand how it is possible to make this kind of decision. Indeed, love is probably one of the strongest feelings that can exist and to deprive you of it or at least to end a relationship, while you still feel it and that it is reciprocal, is something which is inconceivable for a lot. Nevertheless, the conception of the couple evolves over time and above all, it also depends on the situation in which you find yourself.

This article on the theme ” we love each other but we leave each other» Was inspired by the testimony of an acquaintance of mine who told me that distance was the cause of this separation. For many years they managed to resist, but only seeing each other a few times a year for professional reasons. There was no way to grow and form a strong couple that could last. It is very often the distance that is the cause of this decision. Indeed, you cannot spend time together, sometimes jealousy takes more and more place, but your feelings are extremely strong. Until now, they were enough to “keep the couple alive”, but seeing no long-term solutions you mutually decide that it is better to separate than to suffer over and over again.

But leaving each other for love is also explained by external elements, I am obviously referring to the beautiful family. Whether it’s on your side or that of the man or woman you love your relationship may not be accepted. Whether for religious, ethnic, social or generational reasons (if the age difference between you and your other half is too great) all love stories do not end in a marriage with the two families reunited and which party together. Cultural differences can be sources of conflict and separation because you have to make a choice and it is not always the couple that is privileged, especially when blackmail or threats are in order.

Turn the page or give yourself a chance?

Separating while we love each other obviously leaves a lot of regrets. Indeed, at the very moment you make this decision you tell yourself that you are going to suffer and that you are making a mistake. You don’t imagine yourself with anyone else, you want your future to be with him / her and not with a next. You have had some very special moments together and it is understandable that you feel that way today.I

n order to rekindle his feelings and build a solid couple, winning back love is the solution to consider but your past is particular, so you must act in a more specific way in order to succeed in bringing him / her back. I therefore invite you to book a coaching session so that together we establish a plan with appropriate actions so as to no longer suffer from separation but above all to win back your heart. Saying “we love each other but we leave” is very difficult to accept and it is not uncommon for the couple to reform despite the various problems that remained. Often you have to consider a medium-term future or long-term projects in order to move forward.

However, you have to bring real solutions because you should not offer him the same relationship as before. I will take the example of distance again. If you know that you are not going to be able to get closer and end the distance, for example, your ex-partner may not understand.

It takes more than love to be happy together!

The feelings of love are not the only elements to take into account to (re) build a couple  that will last over time. As you have understood throughout this article, you have to find a good balance when you know certain difficulties for which you are not responsible. If you live at a distance you have to think about communicating well to organize yourself to see each other as often as possible, if your relationship is not accepted you can see each other in secret or even talk to your closest relatives. open, at least, initially.

Once you are going to be able to find this balance, to have the right gestures, you will be able to fully blossom. But it is important not to neglect the pillars of life as a couple , such as trust, exchange, romantic outings! Your problem has a solution and it is through coaching that we will be able to remedy it.