What is emotional dependency and how to overcome it

The 6 main signs of emotional dependence

It is important to know what the signs of romantic addiction are in order to know what stage you are at. If you recognize yourself in just one of these signs, this conference is for you.

1 – You regularly need to hear from him

One of the main signs of addiction is the constant need to be in contact with another. Whether on social networks, text messages or through regular calls, you need to feel reassured even if it is only virtual.

2 – You do not do any project alone

Whether it’s for an outing or planning the next vacation, you always include your partner and do nothing without him/her. It may look like love, but when you totally forget to treat yourself and think about yourself, it becomes more negative.

3 – He/she misses you in a very short time

Your darling leaves in the morning and you feel a lack a few hours later? He/she can’t spend an afternoon with his family without you not feeling well? Do you feel bad when your significant other spends time with their friends? At this point, we can really talk about sentimental addiction.

4 – The fear that he/she will leave is always present

One of the signs that comes up most often is the constant fear of seeing him/her leave because you don’t feel up to it or that you feel in constant competition. To undergo a new rupture or a new emotional abandonment frightens you and consequently you try to avoid it. But by thinking like this you create even more problems.

5 – You think about your negative past

Not only are you afraid to see him/her leave, but you also have memories of your childhood, of previous relationships, of a lack that you experienced that resurface and that necessarily affect your romantic relationship. It is this negative projection that blocks you and influences the present.

6 – In love you never say no!

For fear of conflict or fear of losing this relationship, you do not set limits. You don’t want to or can’t say “no” and impose yourself. It is a sign of addiction.

You now know the main signs, but you also need to take a closer look at emotional dependence and its causes.

The single person’s emotional dependence

We often associate emotional dependence with life as a couple because it is the most widespread. However, many people consider themselves emotionally dependent even though they are single. In this situation, it is the constantly repeating patterns that are linked to lack of self-confidence.

You do not necessarily focus on a single person but rather on the idea of ​​life as a couple. Moreover, when you are looking for love you tend to want a relationship that is too perfect, too formatted to actually find it. Consequently you remain in a negative spiral because in your eyes each encounter is the most beautiful.

You give everything, right away, and don’t take the time to start the relationship gradually. This again and again leads to false starts. And the worst part is that it’s a vicious circle because the more the stress of staying single intensifies, the more dependent you become. You must absolutely abandon this pattern by going against nature otherwise in 10 years you will still be at the same stage…

How to overcome emotional dependence?

When talking about emotional dependence, it is necessary to work on personal reconstruction. You are in a delicate situation where you place your partner on a pedestal and very often you organize your life according to him or her. To no longer be emotionally dependent or emotionally dependent, Alexandre mainly recommends that you position yourself on an axis of personal development so that you are able to become an improved version of yourself! If you manage to balance your different lives (personal, sentimental, friendly, family and professional) then you will obtain greater satisfaction in your love life.