What is your definition of perfect love?

I do not think I have written a more personal article than the one today since I started my Love Coach activity in 2007. Through my personal experience and the thousands of coaching sessions that I have carried out, I have asked the question of knowing what this term “LOVE” represented?

How does this word, this feeling, these emotions materialize in us? And above all, is Love dead today? I regularly face relationship problems as well as romantic breakups and it is not easy every day to help women and men who are in deep sadness!

Love, we talk about it without knowing what it means!

Allow me a little clarification. When I speak of Love, I consider this term in the broad sense and not only to the romantic relationships of the couple. This word is now an enigma for the majority of people I meet.

During the last month, I asked 100 people (Coaches, friends, strangers…) to give me a definition of Love and guess what? I did not receive any identical response! Not once have two people told me the same expectations or needs of Love! The observation is simple, we are talking about Love without even asking ourselves what it really means!

Love is the most beautiful but also the hardest!

Love Coaching has always been a passion since my first years on the benches of the university to reach my master’s degree in human science. But I must be frank with you and it is only today that I can make myself a representation of Love.

For that, I had to live fantastic experiences like my years of experience as a coach or my daily projects. Not to mention the painful experiences such as stopping my sport when I was on the verge of making it my job, the death of a loved one or my many trips (especially the one in Africa).

I conclude today that it is the painful experiences that make us move forward and become fully aware of what LOVE brings us on a daily basis as happiness!

Is love in the couple dead?

Today, I base my philosophy on the need to be happy and fulfilled every day! The notion of happiness is therefore supreme to Love.

I understood that some people take full advantage of Love in swinging relationships, in the balance between friendships, family life and love life while others see Love as an exclusive and a 100% investment.

The most important is not what you think of Love but rather the well-being and happiness that you get from it while taking into account that which you give to others.

Never forget a rule: the one who gives is the one who receives!

I hope to transmit to you all my passion for The Love and my help in your search for happiness!

You all deserve it!

Do not hesitate to advance the “debate” by indicating what is your  vision of Love  ?

Your Love Coach and friend,

Alexandre CORMONT

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