What You Thought Was Rejection, Was Your Protection

Rejection is the best way the Universe uses to protect us from people and situations that are no longer favorable for us.

Rather than experiencing rejection with emotion, anger or sadness, let’s remember that Life always wants our good. If something or someone we care about or cares for moves away from us, let’s recognize that it’s because its passage through our lives has come to an end.

Let’s not try to recover what is already gone: Life knows what it is doing. Let go. Trying to retain what has had its day in our lives is like continuing to wear our childhood shoes: they are too small, they no longer fit us, they hurt us, but would we continue to wear them anyway? Of course not! Let’s recognize when a stage of our life is over.

No one can reject us. Every human being is free to do what he wants , according to what he thinks is right or necessary to do. The only person who can reject us is ourselves. And most of us do it regularly, even without realizing it, when we don’t choose what’s right for us, when we choose to come last, when we don’t listen to the momentum of our heart.

We lose nothing in our life. What seems to have been taken from us had simply completed its mission in our life. Anything goes. Things, people, situations. There is no point in making us suffer too long over what we believe we are losing. Let’s welcome the emotion that is there on the spot, but let’s also welcome the wisdom of Life which always knows better than us what we need.

There is no rejection. There is only one situation that we royally dislike because it escapes our need to control so that everything works as we would like. But we will never have the last word with Life. She decides, we welcome. This is how. Even if it irritates us, it is so. What good is it to suffer to resist it.

Let’s just welcome what comes and do the best we can with the new facts that make up our existence. The sooner we understand this, the longer we can be happy teaming up with Life.