Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can make real


The following account, reported by Napoleon Hill , is taken from a lecture by the man who thus became his friend and mentor, Andrew Carnegie. This lecture entitled “ Philosophy of the Science of Success ” forever changed the life of young Napoleon Hill.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can make real. -Napoleon


A great power under your absolute control!

Let me direct your attention to a great power over which you have full control, Mr. Carnegie began, a power stronger than poverty, greater than lack of education, stronger than your fears and superstitions put together, I mean the power to take possession of your thoughts and direct them as you wish. This immense power, continued Mr. Carnegie, is the gift of the creator to the human being, and this gift must be considered the greatest of all gifts given to man, for it is the only thing on which he possesses the unquestionable full power of control and direction.

Addressing Napoleon Hill, who had expressed his doubts to Mr. Carnegie about the legitimacy of his place within the organization of this conference, the latter replied: “ When you speak of your poverty or your lack of ‘ studies, he explained to her, you are only directing the power of your mind to attract these undesirable circumstances to you. For it is indeed true that what the spirit feeds on, the spirit attracts. Now you understand why it’s so important for you to recognize that all success starts with setting a clear goal and having a clear picture of what you want in life. Mr. Carnegie continued his discourse on this great universal truth.

Wealth or penalties?

Everyone who comes into the world, says Mr. Carnegie, comes with the privilege of controlling his thoughts and directing them according to his wishes. But, he continued, everyone brings at birth the equivalent of two sealed envelopes. On one of them, it is clearly inscribed: “ The riches to which you could claim if you take control of your thoughts and direct them to ends of your own choosing ”. And on the other is written: “ The penalties you will have to pay if you fail to take control of your thoughts and direct them ”. Now, said Mr. Carnegie, allow me to reveal to you, the contents of these two sealed envelopes. In the one labeled “ wealth ” is this list of benefits:

  1. A good health
  2. peace of mind
  3. love according to your desires
  4. Freedom from all fear and worry
  5. A positive mental attitude
  6. The material wealth of your choice and in the quantity you want.

In the envelope inscribed ” penalties ,” continued Mr. Carnegie, is this list of evils which you must suffer for not having taken possession of your thoughts:

  1. poor health
  2. fear and worry
  3. Indecision and Doubts
  4. Frustration and discouragement with life
  5. poverty and lack
  6. And a whole plethora of harmful and destructive evils such as envy, avarice, jealousy , anger, hatred and superstition.

What envelope did you choose?

Maybe something in between?

In what proportion?

Everyone has the power to change their thoughts at any time, this gift remains our prerogative until our last breath. Coaching is really powerful to stop having toxic relationships with narcissistic perverts. Work on beliefs and especially on limiting beliefs is essential.

So it’s not too late to change your thoughts if, by mistake, you got the envelope wrong.