When a person kisses you on the forehead, they kisses your soul

The way you give a kiss says a lot about your intentions towards a person. Of all the different kisses that exist in the world, a kiss on the forehead  is the sweetest and most respectful kiss there is.

We often see this form of affection between parents and their children, siblings, cousins ​​and maybe even between close friends. But it can get slightly confusing when our partner gives us those kisses as well. Not that it bothers us, but we don’t know how to interpret them.

Here are the different meanings of the kiss on the forehead

Just as a word can have different meanings, a gesture can mean different things as well.

A kiss on the forehead is a blessing without words

The blessing is not something that only an elder can give to someone whom they consider to be their child. In reality, this is another form of wishing for the goodness, well-being, and happiness of the one you truly love. In the dating world, there aren’t many couples, especially men, who give these kisses. So, if you are lucky enough to know that this person really cares about you and that you are truly special to them.

A form of affection with no hidden intentions

Although the context may change depending on the situation, a kiss on the forehead usually indicates that you are a loved one and not someone viewed as an object of lust. If you’re with someone who gives you kisses on the forehead, you’ve found someone who loves you in the truest sense.

A way to show a deep sense of respect, of adoration

The best thing you can get in the morning is a kiss on the forehead when you sleep, right?

It denotes from all angles that you are loved for your beauty, your wit and your charm. Even if you receive this dose of sweetness out of the blue, it is a sign that your partner respects who you are and is happy that you are a part of their life. In many cultures, a kiss on the forehead is considered a kiss of honor and is bestowed by the groom to his bride in the church.

A selfless love that will last

Love can be many things, but it cannot be selfish! Unfortunately, few people understand it these days. In truth, few people can bring out this side in us and make us feel that selflessness can be rewarding.

Your partner might be late for a family reunion, but if he kisses you on the forehead before leaving, it means that no matter what, he loves you and needs you in his life.

A sense of responsibility and protection

Current society has introduced various new terms including “casual relationships”. But can relationships be “casual” in nature? We believe that the very concept of “ living as a couple ” means that people no longer want to be responsible for their partner.

But those who really see you as an integral part of their lives are likely to give you kiss on the forehead, especially when they want to convey to you that they will always be by your side to responsibly protect you.

A kiss on the forehead kisses your soul

The third eye chakra is considered the gateway to your soul and is in the middle of the forehead. So, kissing on the forehead can symbolize that the person is truly kissing your soul.

Other possible meanings

Depending on the stage of the relationship, that selfless kiss can indicate a lot of things. It could be a “start kiss” and a kiss to say “ goodbye ”, a kiss to indicate that you are a great friend or that there is platonic affection. Either way, it’s a gesture that both begins and ends a relationship, rendering its connotation meaningless.

In reality, for some, it may mean nothing at all. But for those who embrace every little deed that is shared with a loved one , a kiss on the forehead is the purest form of affection there is. The innocence and selflessness of this gesture is second to none, because you know the person truly loves you for your mind and heart.

Source:  espritsciencemetaphysiques.com