When love can repair our psychological wounds. Resilience in the heart

Our own role in the face of our wounds. The role of our heart in these difficult movements and trials of life. The role of love in the face of our personal wounds.

Wounds from the past, sometimes childhood wounds or old relationships that hurt us inside. Injuries are diverse and we would like to forget them, overcome them. There are indeed certain sorrows of life that we keep in ourselves and that we hang around for a very long time to see all our way.

How can self-love and the love of others heal certain wounds? How do certain relationships accompany us in our own resilience?

Wounds never go away, so you have to find a way to get in touch with them with an open heart to love. When love mends our wounds. You who know how to caress my way. I who know how to take your hand.

Yes, there are experiences that we would like to vanish. Intimate relationships, family stories, love, friendship, professional stories that we would like to eliminate so as not to suffer any more. Because beyond love as a couple, it is love in any relationship (family, friend, passing, professional, unexpected…) that can sometimes awaken our wounds, create them but also strangely ALLOW repairs. of these.

Repairing our emotional wounds

You have certainly already experienced this feeling of coming back to childhood wounds, or in connection with a personal story with a loved one. This rise with this bitter, painful, painful taste that sometimes arises so unexpectedly. This wound that has been inside you for a long time. Either you have forgotten or you feel within yourself constantly.

We all suffer psychological wounds that hold us back throughout our lives. These wounds that condition our state, our well-being and also create our identity, our way of behaving, and develop our character.

Wounds that weaken the heart, weigh it down and also weaken it.

We distinguish in psychology six wounds:

  1. the wound of abandonment
  2. the wound of non-recognition
  3. the hurt of rejection
  4. the wound of betrayal
  5. the wound of injustice
  6. the wound of humiliation

Faced with these attacks of life, there are people who will overcome them by living with them and making them essential to their development and then there are some people who will treat them with the support of a specialist in psychology.

Be that as it may, living with these wounds requires resilience if we want to regain a sense of security and access a more peaceful and serene life.

The repair of the heart is essential, vital to life. We then speak of resilience.

What is resilience?

Resilience is becoming aware of a trauma so as not to experience it again and to rebuild oneself with one’s own resources. It is in a way overcoming a painful event undergone (abandonment, mourning, violence, loss, separation, etc.) by one’s own means, accompanied or not.

Going on this path of resilience means managing to find the way to your well-being by overcoming these trials. This work can be longer or shorter and you have to accept it.

So necessarily to get to do this work we go through different doors (sorrows, tears, isolation, but also liberation, letting go, acceptance, anger, refusal…). So many passages that require talking about it, being accompanied and receiving love in all its forms.

These stages of sadness and awareness put the body to work. Indeed, resilience is worked at the level of the body, in this ability of the body to resist trauma. Conjure this traumatic state into a positive development.

A body and a heart that are imbued with experiences, cumbersome, breathless personal stories require repair.

The heart can repair itself through self-love and also repair itself through the presence or even the love of other people.

When the trials are difficult, we go through the grief phase. The heartbreak of love and whatever the nature of this love is a heartache that keeps us going .

There are hardships, and sorrows determining for oneself and its reconstruction even its personal evolution.

Yes there are stories in love, in friendship, unpredictable, fruit of chance which are wonderful and which we would like to last.

Yes, there are passing love encounters that play a role on our path.

Yes, there is love circulating and giving us encouragement and the desire to go further and to believe in ourselves.

Love a repairman with golden threads

 Have you ever heard of KINTSUGI? A Japanese art at the heart of its own resilience.

The Kintsugi consists in repairing a cracked object by underlining these breaks with a gold powder. It is not a question of hiding them but rather of highlighting them by embellishing them in this golden alchemy.

KIN means GOLD

TSUGI stands for JOIN.

This Japanese art means mending with gold.

This ancestral technique dating from the 15th century in Japan is a process that can be extremely long and requires several steps.

But this art goes much further in its philosophy. It’s not just an artistic practice, it’s also a very strong symbolism of resilience, of healing.

Indeed, the object representing the wound, the traumatic break coming from the past becomes by this technique of beauty an object honored, loved, delicately embellished.

Resilience in its power of beauty and love.

When we stop for a few moments while going around our stories, we will realize that love can repair wounds, our childhood wounds, our adult ills.

Love like a nourishing and healing cream, quite simply a balm to the heart, a thread powdered with gold that we will lay on these wounds, these breaks in the soul.

A love that will ensure that we continue the journey and fly with our own wings.

How to ensure that love is this positive repairer for oneself?

How to ensure that love for oneself, for two or more, is an accompaniment to our so deep wounds?

The love that repeatedly shows itself in front of us is a perfect mirror to heal our wounds.

These wounds that only we know and feel deep within ourselves.

These wounds that constantly open the chapter of relationships and this mirror facing oneself.

Because yes, the wound opens the way to resilience and that of our own resources.

Some will draw on their personal resources by working on self-love and will then be able to return to this symbolism of resilience with gold dust.

I offer you a ritual to return to self-love in the face of an injury. The ritual is a good way to heal yourself too.

Resilience ritual to do ALONE

Simply take an object that could represent your injury (choose your injury carefully, write it down on a piece of paper to help you verbalize it well).

Then break this object by dropping it with the intention of repairing this wound not to relive it but above all to overcome it and by putting your power of present intention there, which is to go into self-love with this wound. .

Once this object is broken, mend it with a few pieces only in stages, glue it then put on each mending glittering powder approaching gold and each time you run your fingers over these broken pieces with this powder. appearance of gold, think about the love of yourself. Caress that brokenness as you draw closer to your healing heart.

This ritual can clearly be long-term. The mended object can then be showcased at home or carefully stored in a fabric in a place of your choice or even offered to the earth by burying it as you feel it.

What about the love of others?

The love of a child, the love of a friend, the love of a companion, the love of intimate and touching relationships that come into our lives are all resources to help us heal from our wounds.

Indeed, love offers emotional security that we most often lacked in our childhood wounds. We draw to ourselves the human care necessary for our healing of the heart.

Even if certain relationships sometimes seem inevitable and abusive to us, they also have a role in our own resilience.

But here I will only speak of these beautiful and beneficial love relationships for our inner self; dare I say for our Inner CARE.

We are magnetized by people who speak to our soul. And this is where resilience comes into play. We decide to be in relationships that will do us good, relationships that will guide us and help us build and heal those shortcomings of the past.

The gaze of the other, the love of the other can repair us.

It can take us on a journey of love and regain trust in others.

It is important to emphasize that the harmonious couple is the one who will know how to listen to each other’s wounds. It is a safe and light love which does not seek to dominate or crush the other. He is there to balance and everyone is attentive to the heart, the body, the soul of the other by listening to his words, by reading what he writes, by sublimating his wounds with gold dust.

Resilience  ritual  to do for two.

Facing each other, looking into each other’s eyes.

The hand on the heart of the other reciprocally.

Everyone at their own pace will tell their hurt of the moment that suffocates them in the heart.

Then once these two wounds have been heard and shared. Each in turn, you will take a drop of oil and caress the heart of the other.

Then with glitter powder you will make paths on the heart as if you are repairing the non-visible breaks in the heart.

Thanks to this powder you will make these broken paths reappear by making them luminous and in love with the touch of the other.

This ritual is done in love either with his companion, or with a conscious partner who listens to wounds.

Resilience in the heart is an art of love. It is accessible to all and it allows you to be in the most beautiful alchemy of the universe: the gold which makes the child, the man or the woman shine.

The gold that unites all kinds of love.

Love in all these forms is a healer.

And it is from childhood that we can introduce our children to this form of poly love, or poly attachment. To say, to love your child by accepting the wounds of each one.

The love of a brother, of a sister, the love of a father, of a mother, of a grandfather, of a grandmother, the love of an aunt, of an uncle, a friend… so many loves that will help to heal these wounds of life, even these wounds of the soul that come from further away. These wounds, these veins of life which will then be illuminated by a soft light of love.