Why do I still have feelings for my ex?

Separating, even by the same agreement, does not mean the end of a feeling especially if it was not you who made the first decision but you accept it because there is nothing more to hope for . And it is painful.

I can’t seem to forget my ex

A separation, whatever it is, is always painful. Turning the page is easy to tell especially if you are the one going through the breakup. You can’t forget it. Nostalgia returns to you at the unexpected moment. You still want to hear from him and you visit his social networks several times a day. In short, you still love him.

You should not be ashamed of your feelings because it is not an abnormal situation since he was the one who wanted this separation and you let him go for one reason or another. But now you have to accept that it’s already in the past, it’s your ex and you have to behave in relation to his feelings.

What to do ?

 Two cases can arise:

Either you will win it back , or you will forget it forever. The first case is possible and you can both imagine yourself reliving your love happily. Many reformed couples are happy and their love lasts much longer than the first.

However, dating an abusive ex is strongly discouraged. Being in a couple is to live together happy and fulfilled but not to suffer . So before you consider going back with an ex you should take stock of your past relationship. If during your past couple, you still felt bad, he would constantly cheat on you, insult you or beat you. If he found pleasure in belittling you and that with him you no longer trust yourself, if so, you should put him in the past. Yes, it may be difficult for you, but it is more unfortunate to want to live again with someone who has not even sought to appreciate your worth. You don’t deserve this.