Why is holding hands good for yourself and for others?

Holding hands is a spontaneous gesture that we do with our loved ones, our children, our partner, it will also sometimes happen that in a natural impulse you take someone else’s hand in a moment when you will feel it inside you like a fleeting intimate emotional connection .

Why is this banal gesture so magical, so profound?

Fingers intertwining, fingers crossing, hands touching, hands gripping. In this physical encounter, nestle many benefits for our being.

3 benefits of holding hands

Whether it is with your romantic partner, a loved one or our children, there are many benefits of holding hands. Here are 3 reasons to hold hands more often:

1. Holding hands is a gesture of love.

This gesture will come and maintain the link with the other and simply develop your feeling of love.

It will happen that to hold hands in a surge of love also comes at the same time as a need to be connected to the other.

When we need courage ourselves or when we feel the other needs it.

Holding hands gives strength. It is a reassuring and reassuring gesture. He pushes us forward. Taking the hand of a child in learning to life such as walking, for example, sends the message of a positive resource to the heart that puts fear aside.

Hand in hand, let’s move forward together without fear and if we fall, let’s get up together, just helping each other.

Beyond all this power of courage, of the heart, this gesture of love also contains a whole scientific explanation which shows that this gesture brings us real benefits to our body

2. Palmar reflexology

Look at your hands and know that in the palms of these are more than 3000 nerve endings which are in relation with all our organism. They constitute formidable sensitive areas which lead us to consider each part of the hand: fingers, phalanges, skin as a personal physical identity.

Our hands are in a way a mirror of our body in the same way as the feet. And we have every interest in realizing it and taking care of it. The palmar reflexology is less known, it constitutes an advantage compared to the plantar reflexology. You can do it at any time and often very discreetly.

In the hand, there are reflex zones corresponding to an organ or part of the body. By massaging, by stimulating this area, we do good. We reduce stress and we can relieve pain.

The fact of massaging yourself by touching these particular points can psychologically heal your anxiety about an illness, can relax your body simply in this letting go.

We can therefore act alone with this power by massaging the palm of the hand with his thumb or act for the other and with the other by offering him this softness.

This gift through this gesture brings a connection of love to the other sensitive and constructive for the bond.

3. Hand in hand

Holding hands is a gesture of encounter with the other in all its dimension of otherness.

One of the most beneficial touches is feeling someone else’s hand.

The fact of holding the hand of his partner, the fact that a child feels the hand of his mother or of his dad or another benevolent person towards him will decrease the stress. Indeed, the simple contact with the other hand will operate a slight pressure and therefore reduce the level of cortisol, the stress hormone.

It goes even further, because in this carnal encounter a gentle heat will emerge which lowers your blood pressure. Through this soft and warm contact, you protect your heart from the risk of disease, you protect the heart of the other from anguish, fear and obstacles because you offer love.

If holding hands is an accompanying gesture, beneficial for our organization, it is also a nice way to say I love you. In this touch, all the secret words of love are said , silent and we should not deprive ourselves of them. He comes to weave the bonds of love, he comes to reassure our whole space of the heart and of the future. In this simple act of love, we allow the other to settle down for a few moments without the fear of being abandoned. We also open the dimension of tenderness and gentleness. Gestures of love are essential for loving yourself, loving others and moving forward on your life path.

Without a gesture of love , we forget how much our journey is a wonderful and unique encounter with the other when we decide to really get involved and not unilaterally.

Entering into a relationship can be learned. Learning to understand the other, to have a respectful behavior, to be in relation, that should be part of an initiation from an early age. Love is not innate in everyone. And beyond passionate, physical and emotional love, it takes on a whole savoir-vivre, a know-how that should be approached from an early age. Because the love affair with someone is also an initiatory journey of giving of oneself and the sooner it begins, the more this love will go towards wisdom. You have to learn to love.

Learning to love means considering others, taking their needs into account, listening to them, understanding them, expressing their expectations, giving them gestures of love, being sensitive to the act of love and perhaps living together. .

Behind this simple gesture: holding hands, we perceive all the greatness of the soul. It is a wonderful gesture of love and it speaks for itself.

Some animals join hands. Wild life offers us this model of life. Otters, for example, hold hands in their sleep so as not to let go in the current which could take them away from their environment. In this safe act at first glance, there is the link, the resource that we need with the other to move forward, to grow. It is a powerful act of natural resilience and filled with tenderness  through this gesture.

In the greatest traumas, Boris Cyrulnik established the importance of the bond with the other. To bury ourselves in our pain, to forget ourselves in our pain, takes us away from life. Whereas quite simply the fact of saying, of sharing, of offering to each other acts of love constitute a deliverance at the strongest and painful moment, meaning that life makes us feel at certain times.

Holding hands in sad times, taking each other’s hand and watching them cry in their pain send all the I love you that we need to get on with life sometimes.