You don’t need a man, you need someone with remarkable courage

“My beloved, you are the wild child, the silence in your eyes, the smell of coffee in the morning, you are the song of the birds. This is what you are, and you cannot pretend otherwise. “

The daughter of the stars, the wild garden, your heart speaks, your face is like an open book, and no matter how hard you try to hide it, you cannot be anything other than what you are – and it is beautiful. You are simply who you are meant to be, and heaven and earth deeply honor all of your unsettling beauty.

I know many of you have been heartbroken and if you’re genuinely looking to understand its reason, here’s a glimpse that might enlighten you:

What you need is not a man, but a real warrior.

It doesn’t matter if this warrior drives a glowing sports car or a Jeep, and wears silk and cotton clothes, and even works in a tall building.

What matters is to be able to bet on your heart, and of course, there are great challenges on this path.

Your warrior will ask you to show strength and intensity. Looking at you, he will not see something to tame, but a being to admire. Your Warrior will not be someone you can manipulate or play with, as you might have done with some in the past, so you better try to avoid this habit, and believe it or not, you will like it. even more for this reason.

And this is because you are not just a woman, but also a goddess;

That your ardor will bring him to his knees every time he looks into your beautiful eyes, but the difference is, unlike others, it won’t scare him. No, this time you will have finally met the love of your life – because a simple man is just not for you.

You need someone who can match the fiery fire in your eyes. And that’s not all, but this warrior will also tend to encourage your inner fire instead of desperately trying to put it out with his own insecurities.

Because for you, a warrior is the only person who can live in nature with you.

Obviously, he doesn’t have to kill dragons to earn your love, but he would be willing to walk into the fire to see that incredible smile that you keep in store for him alone.

What you need to know: Free spirit, that warrior you are looking for … is looking for you too.

Because he, too, has had relationships that ended in failure, giving him a feeling that maybe he was meant to be alone for the rest of these days – and that you, are going to be quite a change for him. You’ve both been on a really long journey on your respective paths and you’ve done quite well, you’ve done a decent job, but that’s all about to change too.

Because, when you and your Warrior meet and collide – it results in two flaming beings.

But this time around – don’t try to go down to the old beat, because your heart has been broken before, and you’re not used to taking things straightforward, as it might seem. strange that this time is so different. Take the time to find out.

This warrior of yours needs to see that it is possible that a person can see all of their wildness, and be able to stand by their side when they yearn for their freedom and new adventures. It will not always be necessary for you to follow it, and vice versa. Allow yourself to stay wild, even when you desire nothing more than to snuggle up by her side and forget the rest of the world exists.

At least once allow yourself to wander undressed under the full moon, and drink contraband alcohol in the moonlight. Let yourself be transported by the pull of the wind caressing your heart, and by the softness of the sun coming from a new journey. Because this warrior is going to love you for your wild side – and he’ll want you to keep him.

You will face situations together, this incredible, crazy, chaotic, and wonderfully heartbreaking life. – Because it takes a warrior to love a goddess. And it takes a goddess to show a warrior what real love is.

So put aside your insecurities and thoughts that prevent new ideas, because it was never part of you anyway. You were born knowing that you were destined for great things, and now is the time for you to see what all those dreams are like.

There is no point in ending a love like this, so try to push yourself, and wait a little longer.

Have hope, and always give love a chance , because I promise you that the love you are looking for is also looking for you.

PS: Don’t settle for just any kind of romantic relationship